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The Sepsis Resource Center provides hospitals, nurses and physicians access to a range of resources from across the Wolters Kluwer expert community on topics related to sepsis detection and treatment and the potential causes.

Wolters Kluwer is supporting Sepsis Awareness by delivering webinars, papers and content on the most current information related to sepsis. We’re also proud sponsors of the Sepsis Alliance.

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This article by Dr. Steve Claypool, Medical Director of POC Advisor at Wolters Kluwer, Health is part of LinkedIn's Hard Cases series, where medical professionals share the toughest challenges they've faced in their careers.

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Laura Messineo, RN, MHA, VP of Telehealth at AMITA Health, is a longtime activist against sepsis who has achieved considerable success in reducing sepsis within her health system. In this interview she explains how advances in sepsis awareness, prevention, and treatment have helped her health system dramatically reduce its mortality rate from sepsis.

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Hospitals continue to struggle to identify sepsis early enough for effective treatment and now sepsis performance of hospitals are posted online. The challenges are numerous: there is no single test for the condition, diagnosis demands complex clinical judgment and experts disagree about what combination of clinical information should spark implementation of sepsis treatment bundles.

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