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4 Key Roadblocks  Facing Healthcare Equity

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With ongoing anecdotal research highlighting the lock, stock and barrel of healthcare variations, extreme disconnects in clinical processes have become one of the most pressing global health issues in modern times.

$8.5 trillion
is currently spent on healthcare, worldwide

According to the World Health Organization, more than $7.5 trillion is currently spent on healthcare, worldwide –and closer examinations reveal approximately one-third of healthcare investments are “wasted” on clinically ineffective care delivery. 

Oftentimes, these wasted expenditures trickle down from the clinical choices made by patient

and providers. Often referred to as the “knowdo” gap — the gap between what we know and what is actually done in practice — this disconnect can be caused by a lack of clinical knowledge, the disparate of multiple care options, or the application of unwarranted/ unnecessary therapies.

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